Small Shifts = Big Changes

My pregnancy flattened me, energetically.

I have to say I was fortunate enough to have had a wonderful birth and now a delightful baby, but I’ve been barely hanging on when it comes to my physical energy.

If we’re going by the Red/Yellow/Green scale I’m always talking about ,  it would look like this:

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Pregnancy and Entrepreneurship – Expectations Vs. Reality

I am self-employed, 31 weeks pregnant, and I was WOEFULLY unprepared for the experience that it’s been so far. I had big expectations of what I could accomplish during my pregnancy and how to set myself up for maternity leave. Little did I know what my body, mind, heart and soul was in for.

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Managing Your Energy

Many of us are living a life that doesn’t quite feel like it FITS. We checked the boxes and did all the things we were supposed to – that we THOUGHT we wanted – and yet it doesn’t feel…

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Levelling Up

The topic of levelling up has been coming at me from all sides lately. I’m talking about reaching…

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