Here’s what people are saying…

“Mischaela has a really great online program that supports the coaching sessions. Energy is everything. Easy to book sessions through the calendar. She is thoughtful, listens and is able to pull out what is really going on with you. She gives ideas and suggestions but really pulls the ideas from you. Helped me to recognize that I have the power to make the change from where I am to where I want to be.”

– Madelene, Victoria

“I would say if you are ready to REALLY change your life, PLEASE look no where else. Mischaela is the BEST!!! She’s attentive, friendly, gentle and intentional. She allows you the space to feel comfortable sharing your emotions (including tears!) She has a way of pulling things out of you without you realizing what’s going on. She’s fantastic at making you feel empowered and capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to. The sessions feel like you’re talking to one of your girlfriends. The exercises she gives you really help to focus your thoughts and they are fun too! I wouldn’t have been able to do this work on my own….I tried! She is like a breathe of fresh air! I would gladly go through her coaching session all over again.”

– Gwen, Virginia

“Coaching with Mischaela can be summed up into two words – life changing. She taught me to turn my senses inwards. To unravel the many layers of my personality. To cultivate my deepest core values. I was able to show up as my authentic self without fear of judgement and was met with support and love. Mischaela helped me discover the things that truly fuel my soul and taught me to trust my passion. These coaching sessions were one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I honestly feel like every single human could benefit from this type of self discovery. Sidenote- she also used a lot of great visuals – and man do I love me some solidifying visuals!” 

– Stephanie, Halifax

“My experience working with Mischaela has been absolutely incredible…To say that the sessions have surpassed all my expectations is a huge understatement. She has the strategies, training and insight to assist anyone to take action to improve any and all aspects of their life and reach their true potential. From day 1 I felt that she was 100% invested in my success.  Beyond that she has all the X factors that you can’t teach, her empathetic, caring, supportive, encouraging and honest demeanor made it extremely easy for me to open up. I have never felt more comfortable, pushing my comfort zone. There’s no amount of money that could match the value of having someone like Mischaela in my corner, invested in my success, keeping me accountable and giving me the strategies and insight to reach my true potential. I can’t say enough good things about Mischaela as a person and a coach, Without a doubt, by far the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

John, Toronto

“Mischaela will change your life. Having experienced many forms of talk (psychologists to psychiatrists) and pharmaceutical therapies, none have produced the same positive outcomes. Her approach is professional and structured but she is always available for an impromptu venting session. Mischaela coached me through my divorce and all the difficulties that come from shedding one identity and the crazy road to finding myself again. Her non-judgmental authenticity makes every conversation safe and rewarding. Mischaela is someone everyone needs in their life.”

Leah, Halifax

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with going to a life coach, but after having gone through the experience I can’t recommend it enough! Mischaela has helped guide me so much on the road towards finding my inner voice and confidence. She helped me in finding my real purpose and I’m so excited to continue using the tools and lessons I have learned to improve my everyday life. If you are on the fence about trying coaching, I recommend taking the leap! It is a unique and special way to discover what you need to work on internally and externally in order to live the life you desire.”

-Christine, PEI

“I can say with great confidence that taking the opportunity to experience coaching has dramatically altered the way I will approach the rest of my life. Having Mischaela as a coach has allowed me to jump farther and faster than I ever would have on my own and I am endlessly and enthusiastically thankful. The trepidation and fear that once held me captive only pokes at me now! It’s so amazing!

The unique perspective that Mischaela bestows upon you, along with the clarity, excitement, and skills that come from our coaching sessions has woven itself into every fibre of my being. There is something truly special about the safe, confidential and non- judgemental space that you experience during coaching. Speaking your truth is outrageously addictive and it has allowed me to experience a life with integrity that I never knew I was missing.”

Taylor, Halifax

Mischaela is an incredible coach! From our very first session, her warm and compassionate demeanour put me at ease. I initially reached out to her because I was experiencing a ton of self-doubt, self-criticism, crippling perfectionism, and lack of clarity in life. Mischaela helped me to clarify my values, held space for me as I worked through difficult issues, and held me accountable when I needed that extra push to reach my goals. It was so empowering to know that I had someone committed to my success every step of the way. I found clarity and new perspectives on issues that had been holding me back for years! I can truly say that working with Mischaela has changed my life in profound ways and is the BEST investment I’ve ever made in myself. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

– Katherine, Vancouver

“Mischaela’s coaching helped me into my own ideas. She facilitated a supportive environment where I felt comfortable taking a look at what my real wants and needs were in life and then made them seem less daunting by getting to the root of what was holding me back. For anyone looking for a change, or who feels they have more potential I couldn’t not recommend her more.”

L. MacPherson, Halifax

“There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you!

Our relationship started well over a year ago.  I contacted you to just sit down and talk about ‘what is a life coach? and how did you get started?’.  You were gracious enough to give me an hour of your time to sit and talk with me and share your experiences.  Months later after our talk I jumped in and enrolled in a Coaching course for myself.   HUGE LEAP OF ‘FAITH’

As I was nearing the end of my course, you took me on as one of your clients.  Through my coaching journey with you I have grown, healed, uncovered, discovered and moved my life to next level.   I have been able to overcome fears that have held me back from starting my own coaching practice, and as of today I have a small practice started and am about to venture into something even bigger that I could never imagine I would have done before.

Thank you for creating space to allow me to grow, not play small in this world, and to help me realize and accept that I have a gift and it is something to offer the world.  My light shines brightly and that my girl ‘Faith’ is always with me in everything I do and want to achieve!

– Shauna, Halifax

Mischaela is an excellent coach with a knack for helping one to identify the path in life that will bring the most fulfilment.  She can help you to root out preconceived notions and live life in accordance with your core values and beliefs.  I would recommend anyone who is struggling with their present work or looking for a  career change to consult with Mischaela.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and the exercises she had prepared for me

– James, Halifax

I started coaching with Mischeala during a really challenging time in my personal and professional life. I had never tried coaching before and I’m so happy that I did. After six months of regular coaching sessions I feel like I have a much better understanding of myself and better tools to manage stress and boost self confidence. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for more clarity in their life and better tools to navigate challenges!

– Jessica, Copenhagen

I am writing this for anyone who has ever come to a place, a crossroads and is looking for a way to clarity and change. I have been to, and am a firm believer in, therapy and the need to understand ones past and how we got to where we are. What I needed was someone to help me get from where I am and move forward. 

A family member introduced me to Mischaela. My main reason for reaching out was to change my professional direction, I have been in the same industry for about 30 years and have lost the passion and drive. I know I have more to offer and need to find a starting point. 

From our first introductory phone call I felt at ease. Through the discovery sessions that followed, Mischaela’s approach, technique and genuine ability to actively listen proved to be immensely valuable.

I have heard about “life coaches” never really understood what they did. Now I know! As a Co-Active Coach, Mischaela is giving me the tools to focus on the way forward. Thank you Mischaela! I look forward to continuing our work together!

David, Toronto

*Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the client

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