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Do you struggle with self-doubt, clarity, focus, or productivity?

Do you often feel drained and exhausted?

Do you feel like you are not showing up as authentically as you possibly could?

It all comes down to energy.

Everything we do, every thought, feeling or experience we have, either uses and drains our energy, or recharges our energy.

>>>Take my quiz – Red, Yellow or Green Zone – How Charged is Your Energy?<<<
Gain clarity around your current energy level and some reflection prompts and tips pertaining to the zone you’re in!


Through my years of helping people feel more focused, aligned, and productive, I have discovered this clear correlation between our energy level and our mindset.

Imagine you have an energy bar on your upper arm, that tells you how charged your battery is, like on your phone. Picture this bar on your arm going from red, up to yellow, up to green. Green being fully charged, and red meaning almost completely drained. Think about the experience of being in the ‘Red Zone’. Your energy is almost completely drained. How does that impact how you think, feel, and behave? Now imagine the experience of the ‘Green Zone’. How do the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the Green Zone differ from the ‘Red Zone’?

I know one thing, it’s rare to experience self-doubt or self-criticism when we are feeling that supercharged Green Zone energy!

Also, it’s more difficult to access excitement and possibility when we’re mired in the Red Zone. This is why it’s so important to get SUPER clear on what depletes and recharges your energy so you can get back up to those Green Zone thoughts and feelings.

Think about this scenario: You walk into your office, and it’s a mess of papers and coffee cups and whatever else strewn about. You open your laptop and you have hundreds of emails all urgently demanding your attention. You haven’t eaten yet but you’re on your second coffee of the day. On top of it all your friend is having a major life crisis and you’re one of their only supports.

What is the impact of the above scenario on your energy level?  For me personally, lack of order in my environment and my schedule is a huge drain on my mental energy.  Drinking coffee while not eating food guarantees a major crash in my physical energy by mid-afternoon. The addition of my friend’s crisis to all of this also adds a drain on my emotional energy.

If I were to perpetuate this cycle day after day (and I have) it would plunge me into the Red Zone before long, leading me to make choices that don’t serve my higher good (which I did). Choices such as consuming substances to make me “feel” better (alcohol, cannabis, junk food), or spending all of my free time on the sofa due to exhaustion.

>>>Take my quiz – Red, Yellow or Green Zone – How Charged is Your Energy?<<<

I’ve lived this life and I know that it ultimately feels terrible and leads to a host of illnesses and imbalances mentally, emotionally, and physically. I decided I needed to find a more balanced and sustainable way to live my life, which led me to Nutrition School, Reiki practice, and Coach training. I am now SUPER tuned into my mind, body, and emotions, noticing any shift or imbalance almost immediately, and correcting the imbalance so I can continue to live my life in the Green Zone!

Let me tell you, Green Zone living is SOOOO much better than life in the Red Zone. My body is much healthier, my mind is clear and focused and my emotions are, well, still as present as ever (my dear patient husband!). However, I now have the power to observe which emotions are due to low energy thinking and which are here to teach me something.

I’m so excited to share that I’ve combined all of my training and experience into a course to help YOU master YOUR energy level and mindset so you can be your most focused, authentic, and creative self as well!

Recharge and Grow – From overthinking to clarity and focus is my 9-week course that you are going to love. Check it out!


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