Managing Your Energy

In my last post I spoke about clarifying your ideal Future Vision when your life has gotten off track. If you didn’t catch it you can read it here. 

Many of us are living a life that doesn’t quite feel like it FITS. We checked the boxes and did all the things we were supposed to – that we THOUGHT we wanted – and yet it doesn’t feel right. Something feels…missing. 

Maybe what’s missing is a sense of purpose or fulfillment. A sense that our life is aligned with who we truly are and that we are having a positive impact through our words, efforts and actions. 

If this is you, then read on…

Creating a life that brings a sense of alignment with who we truly are, and gives us purpose and fulfillment requires that we know WHO we truly are and WHAT gives us purpose and fulfilment. 

I know – Captain Obvious here. But stay with me. 

Do you REALLY know what lights you up?

When was the last time you felt truly strong, energized and alive?
When was the last time you were in the zone, completely engaged, without a care in the world of what anyone else thought?

Really think about that. What were you doing? Who was around you? What was your impact on them? How were you thinking, feeling and behaving? 

This experience that you are recalling is an example of you living life with that good, good Green Zone energy! 

What does that mean? Let me introduce you to the Energy Zones!

Imagine you have a bar on your upper arm that indicates how charged your internal battery is – like on your phone.

Imagine it goes from Red up to Yellow up to Green. These are the Energy Zones.

If your bar is in the Red Zone your inner battery is TOTALLY drained. You might feel confused, unmotivated or overwhelmed and your capacity is depleted beyond handling even the most basic of tasks.

At the top end of that energy bar is the Green Zone. This is where we feel most excited and alive! Our thinking is clear, our motivation is high and we have the confidence and courage to go after our desired results in life.

The Yellow zone is in the middle. Life here isn’t the worst but it isn’t the best. You’re just kinda.. getting by. There is a lot of distraction and immediate gratification happening here, without a whole lot of excitement or fulfilment. Procrastination is a big indicator that you are in the Yellow Zone.

If you aren’t currently living or working towards your ideal Future Vision, chances are your energy bar is in the Yellow or Red Zone. 

If that’s the case, you are operating from one or more of the following mental/emotional states: confusion, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, apathy, distraction, avoidance, complacency, hopelessness, self-doubt and/or procrastination.

No WONDER you aren’t creating any forward momentum. You don’t have the energetic capacity for it!

Change is challenging and requires that we have the energetic capacity to provide us with the clarity, focus and drive needed to navigate uncharted territory.

Therefore it is CRUCIAL that we know ourselves deeply. What depletes our energy? What recharges our inner battery? We need to know this about ourselves so we can manage our energy and thus our thoughts, feelings and actions. 


Get curious. Think about how the choices you make impact your energy. What could you say YES to more of? What could you say NO to more often? What would that shift for you? 

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