what is coaching?

the history of coaching

Coaching emerged as a profession in the 1980’s as a means for personal development. 

The field took a turn towards professional development in the early 1990’s when companies began using coaching to improve the leadership performance of their employees.

The field of professional coaching became regulated by a governing body (the International Coaching Federation) in 1995. 

Coaching is now a booming industry as more and more people become aware of its existence. Organizations and individuals alike are recognizing the value of coaching to increase awareness, effectiveness, productivity and fulfillment in the lives’ of their clients.

the basis of my approach

My approach is based on the Co-Active Model which was created by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is the foundation of my coaching sessions. When all aspects of the model are held, it provides a safe and courageous space within which the sessions can happen.

The Co-active Model www.coactive.com

In our society we tend to value ‘Doing’ more than ‘Being’. The Co-Active Model seeks to find balance between the two.

 The ‘Co-‘ in Co-Active represents the ‘Being’ aspect which includes presence, awareness, compassion, and connection.

The ‘Active’ part represents the ‘Doing’ aspect which is shown through leadership, direction, decisiveness and courageous action.

When these powerful aspects are combined, you become unstoppable! 

The coaching relationship between the Coach and the Client is another interpretation of Co-Activity, working together as equals towards the goals of the client.

“The Co-Active Coach® training program has been hailed as the “Gold Standard” by the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, who have linked the four cornerstones of the Co-Active Model to evidence-based scientific research.” (www.coactive.com)

so how does it work?

In a nutshell, a coaching relationship exists to elevate your life.

This relationship consists of two equal individuals. I am not here to tell you what to do, you get enough of that out there in the world. Instead I work WITH you to help you get where you want to be.

Together we clarify your ideal vision for your future.

Together we work out an action plan.

Together we decide how you want to be held accountable.

I guide this process by determining the area of issue and getting REALLY curious about what is going on there. I provide perspective and clarity through asking you the tough questions.

As your coach I give you the encouragement, support, challenge or push required to move you closer to your desired outcomes.

I hold your vision, and hold you accountable to it. 


First and foremost, everything that happens in our sessions together is completely confidential. 

We will clarify your greatest strengths, your core values, and help you uncover what brings rich fulfillment to YOUR life. When you get clear on these aspects of yourself, it brings true purpose to your actions, and allows you to have a greater impact on your own life, and the lives around you.

Along the way we may come up against some blocks, old habits or patterns that have been keeping you stuck in some area of your life. This is SO NORMAL, and we will explore ways to work through these blocks to the juicy stuff on the other side! 

The coaching experience is deeply rooted in listening. I’m listening for limiting beliefs, entrenched thought patterns, and what is TRULY important to you. I create a safe space, free of judgement and hold you as deeply resourceful, and able to move forward with what matters most to you. 

You can come to me to connect with what you truly want, shed self-doubts and fear, find direction, fulfillment, and maximize your potential in this life.

When we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to all of the above, space is created for Transformation to occur. Our selves, our lives, and the world around us will transform as we step into a new way of Being and Doing.

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