The Power of Curiosity

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

— Albert Einstein

If you are here, you are curious. Perhaps you’re curious to know more about Life Coaching, or more about who I am, maybe you’re even curious about yourself. This post will cover all of the above so stay curious and read on!

 I am a WILDLY curious person. I want to know everything about everything! I love learning new information. I always want to understand more of the how and why behind it all, whether it’s an obscure job I just learned about, a new technology, a theory on human behaviour, or a person’s story. To me it’s a way of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. There’s an element of pattern recognition to it. Perhaps it’s an attempt to understand this crazy life. 

I’ve come to appreciate my curiosity as the spark that ignites the learning process and would add that there is a key ingredient to practicing curiosity while in conversation with people: removing judgement from the equation. Refrain from injecting your opinions/beliefs on the topic at hand, and doors will open to all KINDS of information as people feel more free to speak without being judged. 

Curiosity without judgement is a huge part of my coaching practice. I have honed this over 14 years of doing peoples’ hair. I’ve spent hours at a time talking to the clients in my hair chair about every minute aspect of their lives and I find EVERYONE to be fascinating. Truly. Whether it’s the job they do, a personal hobby or interest, or a country they’ve travelled to, everyone has a unique store of information that I don’t yet know and I love to go mining for it.

On a more personal level, once a person opens up, I find that everybody has a deep well of stories and struggles, personal triumphs and tragedies. I often find myself moved to tears when hearing of these poignant moments. (My boyfriend caught me crying while watching the Olympics, an athlete won a gold medal and I was just so HAPPY for them!)

I’ve witnessed over years how my clients’ stories play out. What intrigues me the most is the choices we make, and the outcomes of those choices. Every moment we are choosing whether to watch one more episode or go to bed, to spend or to save, to push through the discomfort or not. I’ve seen patterns emerge over the years from the outcomes of these choices, and I’ve gotten REALLY curious about what creates that difference. 

I’ve boiled it down to this: the difference lies in whether these choices come from the heart or the head. Choices made from a place of excitement, certainty and trust play out more favourably than choices made from doubt, anxiety and a heavy sense of duty or what ‘should’ be done.

SO, here’s the Life Coaching part. I’m here as a coach to help you with those choices. We will get you out of your head and into the HEART of the matter. We will be actively and purely curious about the following areas. 

We start Here. Where are you now? What has brought you to coaching? What do you want for yourself? Something has led you here, let’s unpack it!

Then we start to Explore. What are your unique skills and qualities, what tools do you have at your disposal? What brings you fulfilment? What is your Purpose? These are the hard questions and I will help guide this conversation towards answers that ring true for YOU.

Next is Acceptance. What are you resisting? What parts of yourself are you not allowing in? This is a tough one because we don’t like to acknowledge our shadow side. Conversely, I notice people have difficulty owning their beauty and inherent abilities. So get curious! How can you embrace ALL of yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly? What would it be like to operate from a place of wholeness?

Coaching allows for Realization to happen. We see new perspectives. We see new possibilities. Our mindset changes and we realize that we already have everything we need. We just need to get out of our own way!

When we whole-heartedly commit ourselves to all of the above, we create space for Transformation to occur. Our selves, our lives, and the world around us transforms as we step into a new way of Being and Doing.

We’ve been letting our minds lead, and it’s driving us to distraction, stress, and anxiety. What if you were to tap into the power and wisdom of the heart? What is your heart’s desire?

As you can see, Coaching would be impossible without curiosity. It is a key component to self awareness and reflection. There are so many questions we never ask our selves, and having a safe non-judgemental space in which to explore the answers is key to understanding ourselves more fully. 

So get curious! Start practicing pure curiosity right now. You never know what information will be revealed. 

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