I’m Mischaela Richter


I am an ICF-Certified Personal Growth and Self-Love coach, and here’s what I know about you:

You care a LOT about people and having a positive impact on those around you is important to you.

This has led to success in your career because you meet (or exceed) expectations and get the job done.

You’ve been SO focused on your professional development that you’ve achieved a lot for yourself in terms of monetary success, career advancement, entrepreneurship, or all of the above. 

You take good care of yourself physically. You have a great relationship with your hairstylist, nutritionist or personal trainer. You eat well and you go to the gym. You take pride in feeling polished and put together. 

You have a fabulous group of friends that support you and enrich your life. 


So why is your love life such crap?

You have a history of toxic relationships, where you gave SO much to your partner, only to find yourself disappointed and alone. Drained of your energy, confidence and self-worth.

You’ve been let down by a lot of your exes, and you’re wondering why you always end up with the same kind of person:

Emotionally unaware or unavailable, aloof, self-absorbed, or directionless people. 

There’s a pattern here, and you’re starting to recognize it. 

Why is it you’ve been so successful in all other areas of your life EXCEPT relationships? 

The short answer: you haven’t fully done the inner work of PERSONAL development. 

You’ve been so focused on professional growth that you abandoned your personal growth. 

You’ve been so focused on the needs and wants of others that your own needs have been put on the back burner. 

Self-care is more than just facials and bubble baths. 

Self-care is knowing your core values and aligning your actions with them. 

Self-care is speaking to yourself with loving kindness instead of criticism and judgement. 

Self-care is accepting yourself for ALL the qualities that make you YOU. Your humour, intelligence and passion AS WELL as your ‘laziness’, ‘neediness’, or sensitivity. 

Self-care is advocating for your wants and needs and setting boundaries that protect your precious energy. 

Self-care is listening to your inner wisdom and trusting your intuition when it speaks. 

Self-care is SELF-LOVE baby! And that’s what I’m all about. 

The more we love ourselves, the more we trust ourselves, and the more we trust ourselves, the more confidence we have in ourselves.

If this is speaking to you, let’s talk about how we can reignite your light in ALL areas of your life. 

Let’s talk about how you can honour your wholeness and show up authentically in your relationships.

Let’s talk about the fact that YOU control who you give your time and energy to. (Recognizing that you have control over who you let in your life is SO empowering.)

Let’s talk about how you can finally find the HEALTHY, supportive, compatible love you are craving (hint: it starts within you). 

If you are ready to focus on YOU for a change, that starts with a complimentary ‘Find Your Path to Self-Love’ Session, which you can book by clicking the button below!

 “Since beginning this journey with Mischaela, the amount of self actualization, self reflection, realization and growth have been nothing short of astonishing. I am becoming whom I was always meant to be and this wouldn’t have been possible without her.” – Beau Prokopetz

[After working with Mischaela] My mindset has shifted from “I’m treated poorly because of something I’m doing” to “if they treat me poorly, that’s on them”. From “I’ll make changes to fit their needs” to “let’s be our authentic selves and see if we click so we don’t have to fundamentally change at all”. – Elsie W. *name changed by request of client.

“This program, even though this is just the beginning of my deeper journey of “ME”, has allowed me to shift my focus how I show up in the world. I’ve had more honest and open conversations with those I want closer to me. When I feel myself getting emotional about some conversations I allow the space to feel. The level of shame I would put on myself is decreasing and I’m showing up in relationships being more real. If you are ready for significant development and understanding of yourself, this is the place! The peace I feel inside myself when I use these tools is so worth it. These tools are life changing and as you work on being a better version of yourself, you give the world so much.” – Becca Hiltz

“I took the [Self-Love Program] at a time when I was getting out of a toxic relationship where I was emotionally beat down and second guessed a lot and trying to run/grow a small business in covid. The course gave me a lot of tools that I still use weekly! I am doing WAY BETTER and feeling back to the way I felt years ago (before the toxicity). When problems arise at work I know I have the tools and the attitude is way better. The problems haven’t changed but I have. I can see it and my loyal staff who have stuck through it have seen it! I have developed more tools to help understand myself see the positive within the negative and embrace myself as a whole” – Brianna Hagell

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