Energy Quiz

Red, Yellow or Green Zone –
How Charged is Your Energy?

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt, clarity, focus, or productivity?
  • Do you often feel drained and exhausted?
  • Do you feel like you are not showing up as authentically as you possibly could?It all comes down to energy.

Everything we do, every thought, feeling or experience we have, either uses and drains our energy, or recharges our energy.

Imagine you have an energy bar on your upper arm, that tells you how charged your battery is, like on your phone. Picture this bar on your arm going from red, up to yellow, up to green. Green being fully charged, and red meaning almost completely drained. Think about the experience of being in the ‘Red Zone’. Your energy is almost completely drained. How does that impact how you think, feel, and behave? Now imagine the experience of the ‘Green Zone’. How do the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the Green Zone differ from the ‘Red Zone’

I know one thing, it’s rare to experience self-doubt or self-criticism when we are feeling that supercharged Green Zone energy!

Also, it’s more difficult to access excitement and possibility when we’re mired in the Red Zone. This is why it’s so important to get SUPER clear on what depletes and recharges your energy so you can get back up to those Green Zone thoughts and feelings. Read more here…

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