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What would it be like to MANAGE the overthinking that leads to exhaustion and overwhelm and FOCUS that energy instead on creating a life that feels 
FULFILLING and aligned.

I’ve packaged all of the concepts and exercises that I offer my 1:1 clients and created a course that will teach you how to do all of the above, so you can focus your time and energy on what REALLY matters, which is living a life of joy, meaning and purpose! 

This is the NEXT BEST THING to 1:1 coaching with me and it will leave you feeling recharged and reconnected with yourself and focused on your goals!

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Within you is an endless supply of energy and light, it’s all about learning how to release the mental, emotional, and behavioral blocks, and allowing your energy to flow as it’s meant to, lighting you up and illuminating your pathway forward“. ~Mischaela Richter

Are you feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities? (Leading you to avoid them??)
  • Exhausted and impatient from living a life that doesn’t feel like it FITS you?
  • Stuck in patterns of negative thinking that keep you from pursuing your dreams?
  • Worried that you don’t have what it takes to achieve your desires?
  • Uncertain about your goals or next steps and how to achieve them?

Are you ready to feel:

  • Certainty in how you think about yourself, your life and your future possibilities?
  • Motivated to approach your life as your most focused, creative, and productive self? 
  • Liberated from the negative thought patterns and free to dream big?
  • Confident in your ability to show up fully and handle any challenges that come your way? 
  • Clear and Focused on your values, mission, and goals?

You will leave this course with:

  • A master plan for managing YOUR physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.
  • Your core values and a personalized guide to aligning with them.
  • Scientifically-backed tools to manage your unique negative thought patterns.
  • A visualization tool to connect with your Inner Guide.
  • A powerful mission statement that aligns you with your purpose.
  • A clear blueprint of your Goals with tangible steps to achieving them.

Personal Growth and Leadership Coach

Hello! I’m Mischaela.

I help people create the change they want to see in the world, by helping them clarify their goals and set boundaries around their time and energy.

I was a hairstylist for many years, working in film, fashion, and TV as well as serving my clients in high-end salons. While my personal life was a HOT MESS, I loved having a positive impact on people’s lives and witnessing the transformation in their confidence and energy after a visit to my chair.

After experiencing a major awakening in my mid-twenties, I made some long overdue shifts in my lifestyle. It was then I realized I wanted to take this positive impact deeper and I went back to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Shortly after this I also received training to become a Reiki Practitioner.

But it wasn’t until I discovered leadership coaching and enrolled in my training through the Co-Active Training Institute that I learned the tools to finally overcome my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks and lean into the fullest expression of my potential (a rewarding but never-ending process).

Now I am offering you a course that pulls from all of my experience and training to provide you with a solid foundation of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and strength of mind, so you can navigate the demands on your attention, time, and energy and focus your efforts on what truly matters to you.

What would you do if you had more energy and passion in your life?

“When I enrolled in this course I was stuck in procrastination, avoidance and fear. I learned that I have choices and circumstances do not have to control me. This course gives you easy to understand and use methods to get out of your own way of producing and succeeding. It is the foundation to your self-improvement and for gaining an understanding of what gives you energy and what takes it away from your path to growth and productivity. This course gets you out of the self deprecating, procrastinating, avoidance loop. I have a method now to lift myself up no matter what befalls me.”

– Patricia Richards*, Calgary

“Coaching with Mischaela can be summed up into two words – life-changing. She taught me to turn my senses inwards. To unravel the many layers of my personality. To cultivate my deepest core values. I was able to show up as my authentic self without fear of judgment and was met with support and love. Mischaela helped me discover the things that truly fuel my soul and taught me to trust my passion. These coaching sessions were one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I honestly feel like every single human could benefit from this type of self-discovery. Sidenote- she also used a lot of great visuals – and man do I love me some solidifying visuals”!

– Stephanie, Halifax

In these five modules, we will explore:

Module 1: Activating the Observer
You will discover the powerful impact your thoughts are having on your overall energy and experience of life. You will learn tools to shift you from negative thinking to neutral or positive thinking. You will learn to become the Observer of your experience rather than under the control of your experience. When we strengthen our ability to Observe our experience, we learn that we have the power to control our outcomes in life by managing the thoughts we choose to engage with.

Module 2: Managing Your Energy
You will get clear in a detailed and specific way on what depletes and recharges you in all areas of your life. You will have a clear guide on how to manage your energy and be equipped with the tools to make you WANT to. You will also come out of this module knowing exactly what your Core Values are and how best to align yourself with them.

Module 3: Managing Your Self-Talk
We all have different patterns of thinking or self-talk depending on the circumstances. Personifying the various aspects of our self-talk allows the Observer to more easily notice the thoughts/feelings and actions that don’t serve us (our Saboteurs), and call forth the parts of us that do (our Allies). I share the most common ways we hold ourselves back in our thinking through the 6 main Saboteur archetypes. Guaranteed you’ll resonate with at LEAST 3 of them! You will then learn how to manage your Saboteurs and activate your Allies.

Module 4: Your Inner Guide
We all have an Inner Guide. The part of us that leads with wisdom, compassion, and courage. I will lead you through a powerful guided visualization to help you connect more deeply with the intuitive voice inside of you. In strengthening the connection with your Inner Guide you will find acceptance, peace, clarity, and compassion for yourself and others.


Module 5: Your Mission – Bringing It All Together
Let us reflect on all that we have healed, let go of, and learned. With my guidance you will create a powerful personal Mission Statement that sums up of the essence of who you are and the impact you are here to have. You will then create a plan of action to move it all forward throughout your year and beyond. #GOALS!

What's the Deal?

This five module course includes:

  • Video Lessons – Each module includes a video that will share the lesson in a simple yet powerful way, while also providing clear step-by-step instructions on your homework for each module.
  • Resource Guides – Supporting resources along with the video lessons to help you further understand and visualize the work to be done.
  • Exercises – All modules have unique exercises with accompanying worksheets developed by me that only my coaching clients and students have access to. By committing to completing these worksheets, you will gain mastery of your energy and mindset.
  • Meditations & Reflections – Opportunities for reflection will be given by me through recorded meditation and reflection prompts for journaling.
  • Exclusive Facebook Community Group – For students of my programs only. A place to communicate and collaborate now and moving forward.
  • Lifetime Access to Unique Content – As a graduate member of this course, I will be sharing stories, experiences, tools, resources, and special promotions with you on an ongoing basis.

Investment - $197 USD

This Course is for You if:

  • You know you have gifts or talents to share with the world, you’re just not clear on the exact steps to achieve this.
  • You care deeply about kindness, connection, and uplifting others
  • You are committed to growth and living up to your full potential
  • You long to show up as your most authentic and fully expressed self
  • You know you’re here to create a meaningful impact, even if that means going against the status quo.
  • You are ready to uncover and overcome the ways you are holding yourself back

“I can say with great confidence that taking the opportunity to experience coaching has dramatically altered the way I will approach the rest of my life. Having Mischaela as a coach has allowed me to jump farther and faster than I ever would have on my own and I am endlessly and enthusiastically thankful. The trepidation and fear that once held me captive only pokes at me now! It’s so amazing!

The unique perspective that Mischaela bestows upon you, along with the clarity, excitement, and skills that come from our coaching sessions has woven itself into every fibre of my being. There is something truly special about the safe, confidential and non- judgemental space that you experience during coaching. Speaking your truth is outrageously addictive and it has allowed me to experience a life with integrity that I never knew I was missing.”

– Taylor, Halifax

“I was not sure what to expect taking Mischaela’s course. I found so much value in her one to one coaching sessions and thought she couldn’t possible provide even more insight than she already had. I was thrilled to learn that her course was an even deeper dive to the soul work I was craving. From identifying those pesky saboteurs to meeting my inner guide, I felt a sense of being cared for. Perhaps me finally making space to show compassion for myself, offering inner forgiveness, and feeling like I have the awareness needed for moving forward, overcoming huge mental blocks and learning to get out of my own way. I was surprised to also discover how important the group coaching sessions were for my own healing journey as listening to the other students was the highlight of my experience. Five out of five stars.”

– Tonya Darlington, Dartmouth

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the course take and can I go at my own pace?

Modules are available to you at any time so you can work through them at your own pace. Plan for 1 – 2 hours of course work for each module. A schedule that has worked for our past students is a module every two weeks. This allows for time to implement and practice the learnings but is also a nice pace to keep the momentum and stay engaged.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you realllllly didn’t enjoy the program, I welcome your feedback. I can offer a refund of 80% back within the first two weeks of purchase. But I hope you love taking the course as much as I loved creating it for you.

Will I have access to the content once the course is completed?

Yes, for 6-months. And I recommend that you print or digitally save your resources as you go so that you can review and access at any time.

“I started coaching with Mischeala during a really challenging time in my personal and professional life. I had never tried coaching before and I’m so happy that I did. After six months of regular coaching sessions, I feel like I have a much better understanding of myself and better tools to manage stress and boost self confidence. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for more clarity in their life and better tools to navigate challenges”!
– Jessica, Copenhagen

*Some client names changed for confidentiality purposes.

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